Seren Yashar

Data & AI StrategistAI Ethics EnthusiastMum of twoHuman with feelingsMentor & Mentee

I’ve spent over a decade helping companies advance their data capabilities, adopt AI and use it to fuel their transformation.
I'm an advocate of ‘AI for Good’, modern art lover and avid devotee of armchair philosophy.
Want to talk Data & AI Strategy?

What we can work on together:

AI Strategy

AI strategy fit for your specific business; vision and objective setting, use-case identification, technology stack, funding mechanism, governance and delivery set up - based on responsible and ethical development practices. Responding to the latest guidelines under EU AI Act and other global initiatives.

Data Strategy

Data strategy fit to deliver on the data capability ambitions of your business, aligning with business objectives and incentives, focusing on data acquisition, utilisation, management and monetisation. Establishing data practices crucial to enabling advanced capabilities like AI delivery downstream.

Scale AI

Supporting business and project teams to scale AI projects from pilots and proofs of concept into full-scale implementations able to sit under production support teams with the necessary wrap around services to manage these AI products for your business. Design and implement sustainable and efficient AI operations.

Data Governance

Establishing data governance frameworks and practices to deliver on data quality, compliance and regulation objectives. Implementing good data governance controls and integrating these into data use controls such as ethical and responsible AI practices.